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How To Know When Home Care Is Needed

As we age our bodies can change rather quickly. For many, it's just human nature to want to conceal these changes from family and friends. Nobody wants to admit they are getting old! Nobody wants to think that they are not well. Use your senses to discover what may not be openly discussed. Simply by using your sense of sight, hearing and smell will lead you into making the right decision to assist your loved ones.

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By watching your loved one you may see changes in behavior or living style that could be meaningful. Is it difficult for them to stand, walk or do the other many activities required to live independently? If they have bruises or cuts, have they fallen? Is there clutter that could be a safety concern? Are there bills and paperwork taking over surfaces, not being attended to? If they still drive are they doing so safely? Look for multiple sticky notes. As memory declines people often resort to keeping their thoughts on paper. Is there enough fresh food in the pantry and refrigerator to ensure they are eating properly? Has there been a noticeable loss in weight?

Your ears will give you some clues as well. Are they speaking louder than they did before? It may be time for a hearing test. While it is natural for everybody to forget some things, are they forgetting things like family names, the President of United States, today's date or month or other important information you would expect them to remember? Are they repeating themselves multiple times in a short period? These are signs of memory impairment and action should be taken quickly as treating symptoms can improve the outcome.

Use your nose to sniff out clues regarding your loved ones bathing habits. As we age the thought of entering a tub or shower can be very scary. Most elders have had friends who have fallen or perhaps died because of a falling accident in the bathroom. Often incontinence comes with age as well. Look for stains on furniture and clothing.

Even though most of these symptoms above can make it difficult to live an independent life, the helpful, caring and compassionate Personal Assistants at Affordable HomeCare can help. We make it our life's work to ensure our aging population can remain independent in the safe, familiar setting of their own home as long as possible.

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